Gerrit has moved

Howdy. Gerrit has been moved to the cloud, and is now available at:

Why the move?

Instead of hosting on a single dedicated server, this Gerrit service has been moved to the Google cloud. Running in the cloud offers our users:

All prior data, including Git repositories, uploaded changes, comments and account information has been moved.

Please visit the new site and login using the same email address you used here.

SSH keys to HTTP passwords

To use the command line repo tool, or any other git client, you must first obtain a (new) HTTP password.

  1. Login/select the same email address you used here.
  2. Allow access
  3. Follow the page's recommendations to copy 2 records to ~/.netrc.

New URLs

If you have no pending changes, it is recommended to initialize a new workspace. Create a new directory and run:

repo init -u -b BRANCH
repo sync

If you have changes, or do not want to checkout sources, you need to fix your local workspace to reference the new server. Run the following two commands from your workspace directory to update the URLs:

(cd .repo/manifests; git config remote.origin.url
repo forall -c 'git config remote.$REPO_REMOTE.url$REPO_PROJECT'

If you work with the sources but do not use 'repo' tool (e.g. you work with Linux kernel code), then you just need to change the remote url. You can do it by:

sed -i  's^ssh://[a-z@]*^^' .git/config

Workflow changes?

That's it. The rest workflow is the same as before: 'repo sync', 'repo start', 'repo upload', ...


If you have questions, or encounter any problems, please send a message to